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Anti-aging Skincare Cosmetics: Skincare Ingredients,
Skin Care, Cosmetic, Chemicals.
Active Cosmetic ingredients, chemicals for skin care,
cosmetics, beauty, health and medical procucts.

Unique anti-aging cosmetics, beauty, skin care ingredients, chemicals containing Perfluorocarbons & Liposomes

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 Active skincare cosmetics, cosmetic ingredients
Cosmetic ingredients, chemicals containing artificial blood & liposomes

 "UltraOxy" - Artificial Blood

Outstanding Skincare Ingredients
 transporting OXYGEN. Foremont Cosmetic Ingredients having Regenerative Action:

  carrier of oxygen
  carrier of
bioactive substances
Rejuvenescent action

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  "UltraLipol"- Liposomes

 Liposomes ingredients
prevent aging & skin fading,
smooth small wrinkles and have top activity in penetrating through skin layers up to subcutis

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  Anti-aging Rejuvenescent Skincare, Cosmetics, Beauty

Effective Anti-aging Rejuvenescent Skincare Products,
beauty, and cosmetics are made from an emulsion of
"Blue Blood" is unique components which enhance
the effectiveness of other cosmetic additives:
vegetal extracts, vitamins, concentrates
and other biologically active substances

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 Innovative anti-aging skin care, cosmetics, beauty,
personal care, health and medical products

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